Looking for a tv to take on a camping holiday

    Hi all,

    Going on a camping holiday soon and i'm looking for a good size tv hopefully with built-in freeview to take with us so we can watch the world cup on.

    Any ideas? i've been looking but they all seem to be pricey, i'm looking for one that can either be hooked up to the car or can be run on batteries.

    Hope someone can help with this one. Thanks



    Do people still do that these days??

    Hmmm - Dave, you may find that there is a local boys club (pub) nearby on the site or similar that entertains young men withthier footieneeds during such matter of life and death times....

    I'm sure SOMEBODY would have thought of this predicament.... OR it gives you a damm good excuse to take your good lady frined to the local........ and get all footied up...



    TV on a camping trip? Find a pub and watch the World Cup in there; surely any TV that runs of car or batteries is going o be too small to enjoyanly wathc footie on anyway and you get a better atmosphere in the pub.
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