Looking for a usb hard drive that works good with 360?

Found 3rd Mar
Hi all I’m looking for a portable usb hard drive that works with 360? I read 360 now supports 2tb usb drives anyone got any recommendations?
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I use Seagate Externals for my Xbox. They work great.


(Might be a better deal slightly cheaper, fish around).

The 4TB version is around £99 at the moment. (Unsure if 360 supports that size. I know the Xbox One does).
Seagate are not reliable based on previous experience and the fact I repair laptops and pcs for a living its always failed Seagates inside - what you want are Ibm/Tosh drives.

Virgin Tivo and Talktalk boxes all use Seagates and their failure rates are legendary.

I posted a deal recently for a nice 3tb Tosh canvass £88
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