Looking for a USB TV TUNER for laptop

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Found 20th Oct 2009
Anyone recommend one of those USB TV Tuner thingy ma bobs for my laptop.?

Whats the best one out there at the minute ?

What the best one for value at the minute ? (performance v price)



the freeview sticks are all pretty much the same i think. you'll only see a difference if you go for like a huppage one or something, and if you need analogue then you'll need one of the external boxes that connect via a usb lead. (you'll never get analogue in a stick because there isn't room for the tuner) and fleabay is as good a place as any to pic up a generic one.

oh remember if you have internet connected you can use tv catchup.

I bought an Asus USB TV stick [about the same size as a memory stick] a few years ago and it works well .
But ,remember you'll need USB2 [most newish laptops will be ] and possibly access to arial co-ax lead from the outside arial , as the things you get with them are not too good . I have a metre cable with a suction on the tiny arial , you stick this on the window , but , unless you live 2 or 3 feet away from the transmitter you may not get a very good signal :-) They may be better nowadays . As a price guide , I payed about £17 for mine .
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