looking for a vacum cleaner: Is it worth to buy a Dyson?

    I am looking to buy a vacuum cleaner (Upright, for laminate and carpet), is it worth to buy a Dyson?
    If yes, which model?

    If no, what are my other options?



    use a brush
    cleaner and cheaper and saves on electricity too

    i swore by uprights, but they aren't always the best choice

    i have a hairy dog and a variety of wood/laminate/carpets

    this time i researched the vacuum market very closely and went for a miele s5261 cat and dog with turbo brush head

    it uses bags (incredible filtration - something like 9 levels), each bag lasts about a month, you can get them on ebay approx £15 for 20.

    it is PHENOMENAL.

    so powerful, pretty quiet too, i wish i had bought one earlier.

    plus miele extend 2y guarantee to 10y, parts and labour, for only £30

    i bought mine at debenhams using a 10% code i found so got it for less than £180

    check out some reviews

    I know Dysons get bad reviews, but we have one and it's the only hoover that's lasted more than 18 months!

    And you can easily buy replacement parts from the Dyson website...

    Dyson upright all the way. Ist dyson in 1994 lasted till 2010, used it every where inc loft. Now using dc23 ball. Bit sceptical looking flimsy does the job and takes a battering. Well worth it.

    Dyson are good, 5 year warranty and no ongoing costs like bags

    Had a Mile Cat and Dog and found the Dyson alot better and no more buying bags

    i have had a vax for the past 2 years and is excellent i got 2 dogs and carpets throughout does the job for me

    i love my dyson had it a few years now and aslong as you clean the bottom out where the hair gets in then its cleans just has good as day one x

    Best value for money has to be dyson.Bought one 4 years ago only just broke down today!No worries though,gave em a call,someone will be out next week to repair it.The 5 year warranty is the main reason we went for a dyson & am I glad we did.The best model for you rather depends on the type of flooring yo have in your house & if you have any pets too

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    I don't have any pet and I need it for laminated floor and carpet. Which model do you suggest?
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