looking for a very cheap desktop with a screen!!

    as in title looking for a sub £250 pc with a screen. Refurbs are ok. preferably a windows xp aswell.


    im getting rid of a pc, 2 years old, black, monitor ect, comes with xp i think, my daughters old one so proberly needs cleaning up, can post more details tomorow if your interested, based in durham so may need courier?

    What you wanting in a computer?

    Does it need like a card reader etc?


    if you can go to £300, you can probably get a canny one with a 17" TFT. Best to DIY and build your own or get a mate to do it. Let us know ya MAX budget and i'll price one up for you.

    also, tell us what you will be using it for - which is important

    New Dells go for £180 and there have been a couple of screens posted on here for £70-80 lately so you should have no problem in getting something brand new within your budget.
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