Looking for a watch

    Hi all, think I am putting this in the right section (could someone move it for me if it isnt...

    I am looking for one of the watches.…tml

    The cheapest I can see is 155 pounds... just wondering if anyone knows where I will get one a bit cheaper??



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    cheapest uk price is around £153-160
    abroad seems to be £97-110

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    will i pay import duty if i get it from abroad??

    depends on the company sending, most will put it down as gift, voiding need for the taxes..
    could email them and ask though


    will i pay import duty if i get it from abroad??

    Depends on the delivery but if the total cost is under £135 you won't pay any duty. You will have to pay the usual 20% VAT as well as paying the courier £10-15 to take it through customs.

    those watches are crap.
    you could get a 4 great watches for that price.
    have a good think,and then have a good look round.
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