Looking for Adidas rare suede samuri like shoes

I cant find it on google anywhere, i think back in 2006-2007 adidas did some ltd edition shoes that looked like samuri plated padding in a shape of a shoe, looks really cool but i've got no idea where i can grab a picture for it could you possibly help? Thanks!


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Oh little more info. i think it was brown suede but dark pink/purple on the insides.. possibly split toe too? or i could just be making things up..! thanks!

Hi Inquisitor,

This should be in "]Deal Requests", I have asked for it to be moved there for you.

Wasnt these was it?


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Thanks 'thesaint' its not really a deal request tho, just a picture request lol but ur the boss :-P

Nah it wasnt those, it was dark brown suede, plated/layered like a samuri's armour.
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