Looking for Advent 4211 (ideally) or Acer Aspire One A150AB For as close to £200 as possible

    Exactly what it says on the tin.

    The advent is around 270 and the acer is around 230, are there any decent discounts or anything to get these prices down that anyone knows of?

    many thanks!


    It's not quite that cheap just yet, I'm afraid.

    However, PC World do a mobile broadband deal, where if you pay £20 per month, over 24 months, you get the Advent 4211 for free. Now, clearly that works out at £480 overall. But if you had to factor in that you might be paying £240 for broadband over this time period then it brings the cost of the thing down to £240.

    A bit ****** for sure, but the only way I can think of getting the price down.

    Dixons sell the advent for £275, but if you pay by egg-card and use quidco it'll take about 5% off the overall price, bringing it closer to £260.


    The mobile broadband / laptop bundles work out very expensive (in my opinion). Mobile broadband can be purchased on contract from as little as £5 per month, so realistically the bundle deals work out very over priced.

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