Looking for advice on first monthly contract phone for uni

    So I find myself going off to uni in a couple of weeks, and I think it's worth finally making the jump from pay as you go to pay monthly, seeing as I won't have a landline so I'll be using my mobile a lot more.

    I'm basically looking for a good deal on a pay monthly contract. Couple of things I'm looking for:

    Decent phone (to replace my horriffic Motorola L6, never buying Motorola again, they are a travesty to the mobile world), preferably Nokia as they've been reliable for me in the past, although I wouldn't say no to Sony Ericsson

    Decent line rental, that is to say, not too expensive as I am now on a student budget

    Some minutes, although more importantly texts because I text more

    So I found the Nokia 5800 at Virgin for £18 per month, 150mins 500texts and unlimited internet, which seemed like a really good deal.

    Does anyone have anything to say about this phone/the value of the line rental in relation to the minutes/texts? Any good? If not, any other good deals going on at the moment?




    The 5800 deal is fairly good, personally didn't like the phone though. Found mine a bit flimsy so sold it before the screen got completely ruined (about a month)

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    Reckon I should hold out for a better deal?


    Reckon I should hold out for a better deal?

    Not necessarily no, it might be perfectly suitable for you. I tend to drop / throw phones

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    Is there any way to get out of a contract once it's started? 18 months looks a bit of a scary commitment to me.

    I wouldn't like the commitment of a contract. So long as you've got a phone you're happy with, how about just taking out one of their "30 day rolling contract" sims - £10 for 200mins + unlimited texts or £15 for 500mins + unlimited texts.

    Try to work out what you'll use the phone for. I just phone and sms. If my phone has a camera then I'd perhaps take a few now and then but I have a dedicated camera for pictures. For me, battery life is very important.

    If you need music and a keyboard and other stuff then it is a whole different ball game. I know you'll want the best but as a student, the longer you go into your course, the more problematic it is going to be to keep paying bills. I know, I did it.

    Committing to £20 a month will kill you but you are right that you should get off PAYG. The problem is that you want a new phone but don't want to pay for it.

    I'd look at specific phone insurance as well. The old Orange insurance was included and great. Things change though.

    Face facts. You are not going to get any money for a top phone until you get out of Uni and get a job. So why pay over the odds now ? Taken, you'll probably want a camera but let the nerds fiddle with their phones whilst you pork the birds they think they can get.

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    Maybe something like the Nokia 6303 on Vodafone for £10 is better then.

    i have the £10/mo SE w595, great phone for the price, and i never really relied on mobile phones alot so 500txt 100mins is perfect for the price i'd recommend the w595 or the samsung one they also have in the price plan. sadly it is a 24month contract, but you cant complain once you get £90 quidco i also used a code for a £50 voucher, which i sold for £35 on ebay therefore ending up as like £115 over the 2 years, (if the quidco pays anyway), not to mention the phone is worth a good £110-120 when bought new (w595 is, anyway). so a great deal if your on budget, kinda like free service over the 2 years lol. plus if you do end up losing the phone after a wild drunken night, there wouldnt be too much doom and gloom, at these minimal prices

    i think i read somewhere that BT are laying free lines at the moment..?
    Depending on if your sharing the bill?.. the line rental for BT split between 3/4 of you will more than likely be cheaper than getting a contract phone..
    .. this is of course dependable on weather your flat mates pay their part of the bill.. ok maybe not.

    You will probably find that you need lots of cross network any time minutes, plenty of texts and lots of free calls to your family (if you intend to stay in touch) - often it is better to spend more than less initially. Internet is less important in my opinion when a student, but everybody is different.
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