Looking for advice on freeview install / an idea of what this will cost

    We run a 3 bedroom guesthouse which is a little taller than a typical house. We are looking to install freeview. There are 3 floors; ground, first and second. The second floor is a loft conversion so there is only a tiny loft at the top of the house. We are about 9 miles north west of the Wrekin trasnsmitter in Shrewsbury. Just wanted a very rough estimate of how much this should cost so we don't get ripped off.

    What is wanted:

    Install a new freeview Aerial & masthead amp or loft signal booster to feed 6 rooms on the ground floor and first floor as follows:

    Ground floor
    The Dining Room, The Living Room (into sky box), the kitchen

    First Floor
    bedroom 1,2 & 3

    All rooms except the kitchen have an existing aerial feed in them so drill holes are already there to feed aerial through walls. All rooms have outside walls. Leads needs to be about 4 metres long in each room. The kitchen TV will be against an outside wall so only half a metre of cabling inside house required.

    We have a satellite dish feeding a sky box in the living room. There is an old non freeview aerial feeding into the box. The RF2 out from the Sky box feeds back outside the house and up to Room 4 on the second floor. This feed is then boosted by an slx splitter(powered by the sky box) and supplies feeds to 3 bedrooms on the second floor. The cabling was fitted 3 years ago and is the same as the sky cable so should be fine - will it? I am hoping this circuit will work with freeview once a new freeview aerial is plugged into the sky box. It works fine at the moment for the freeview channels we can recieve with little breakup.

    Other stuff
    There is a main road running past the house there is a railway line at the rear of the house which does interfere badly with the existing digital signal we get, when a train goes past. There for we think it best to use WF100 cable throughout the installation as its only a few pence more than CT100 / H109F / WC100 - any comments?

    When replacing an aerial feed, we would like the old redundant cable (about 5 feeds) to be pulled off the house and removed.

    We would like 3 redundant aerials to be removed from the roof.

    Any comments?


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    Have a look at my post on this thread. I live in a medium signal area, but this worked great. You can use it outdoors, but it works fine indoors too.…ial
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