Looking for advice on how to back up text messages.

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Hello, has anyone got any recommendations as to how one might back up SMS text messages and call logs to a PC? Today is the anniversary of my Mother's death and there are many precious text messages on my old phone that I'd like to preserve. Till now I've just kept the phone around as a secondary but it's starting to slow down and I'd like to get the messages saved before a problem occurs. I've tried looking for appropriate software to do the job but there's just a mass of articles all recommending different applications and I don't know which, if any, are trustworthy. I've tried to do my due diligence but because of a neurological disease I contracted when I was 15, my brain no longer has the capability for intense long-form reading and investigation; my ability to process information becomes lesser until I can no longer comprehend simple sentences.

To be clear, I'd like to create a copy of the SMS messages (and call log too, preferably) stored on the phone that would be accessible on a PC. The phone is a Samsung Galaxy S3 and any help or advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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Does Samsung phones not have an inbuilt program for connecting to pc, with all the various data transfer programs? Failing that there are many Apps on playstore for this purpose. One other alternative is to send them all to an email address. Unfortunately I can't recommend an app as my phone had inbuilt app for data transfer that clicks in as soon I connect to pc. I can't access this app until I do connect to a pc as it downloaded to the pc from the phone. Have you tried connecting your phone via usb lead and selecting data transfer as the power option when the phone asks?
Other option is to open the log of messages from your mum, long press one, select all, select forward, then email to yourself. It won't be in the same format but the text will be there.

Or screenshot them all and export the screenshots. Take some time maybe but would keep them original.
I can't help with the technical side of things but just wanted to pass on my condolences. It must be heartbreaking to think you may lose the messages and I hope you find the software you need to keep them alive.
On my Samsung S7 Edge I used SMS Backup+.

It saves call logs to your Gmail account as well as texts automatically.

Everything is viewable from any device that can access gmail.
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I feel for you OP. A few months after my husband died, I dropped my phone down the loo. It was meant to be waterproof but no amount of rice etc brought it back to life. The conversations on there were ridiculously mundane but it broke my heart to lose them.
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On my Samsung S7 Edge I used SMS Backup+. It saves call logs to your Gmail …On my Samsung S7 Edge I used SMS Backup+. It saves call logs to your Gmail account as well as texts automatically.Everything is viewable from any device that can access gmail.

I use this and rate it highly. I have an automated backup every weekend. In addition to backing up the Msgs and Contacts to the SD card, it emails me a copy of the files.
I use sms backup +
Used sms backup & restore in the past but had restore issues for me.

Both leave a call log & sms copy in a folder in your Gmail account.
as others have said, sms backup.

i sometimes upload sms messages to my email account as i need to keep important sms conversations and don't want them to clutter my phone. i find sms backup works really well and is easy to use.
Thanks everyone, I'm sorry it took so long to read and reply to the comments here, I've had a particularly bad spell with my illness and haven't been up to reading till now. To answer the first question, the Samsung SmartSwitch application does not permit access to the text messages and encrypts them such that they can only be restored back to that model of phone(according to Samsung support). I think I'll try that SMS Backup+ application, thanks again everyone.
Myphoneexplorer will do it and has an alright pc interface, I've used it for about 10 years now (Inc on a galaxy s3)
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