Looking for Advice on Selling on here.

    Hi, I'm looking to get rid of a few bits and bobs to boost my xmas funds but i've never actually sold anything online. I do not have a back account and would be using my partners, we use it as a joint bank account even tho my name is not on the card or account so I'm unsure if that will cause problems or make a differnence in anyway.

    A step by step guide on selling would be great.


    No that shouldn't bother most people, you'd find it easier to sell if you set up a paypal account though as that's most people preferred method of payment due to the protection it offers and it's easy to use.

    To sell on here you need to create a thread in the FS FT section, list everything you want to sell with a legitimate price (under the RRP), it's up to you whether you want to include the postage costs in the item price if you don't just put that postage needs to be added on.

    If you can add pictures of your items with a bit of paper with your name on next to them. You don't need to but it will help your sale

    Once you've accepted an offer (you need to accept the other on the thread) you can go to PM to exchange details. Your supposed to get phone numbers etc and verify them. more details can be found in the ]FS FT guidelines.

    Be prepared for people to haggle your price down.

    As your a new seller people may ask yo to send your items to them before they pay for them. It sounds odd but it's generally the way it is done on here. Of course though only send the item first to people with high feedback.

    Once the sale is complete leave some feedback for the buyer.

    You can't edit the original post in the FS FT forum so check it over before you post. You can add to it though. If your selling a lot of items you'll probably find it easier to list everything in the 2nd post in the thread that way you can change prices (your only allowed to lower them) and mark when stuff has been sold.

    Your only allowed to bump your thread twice, your not allowed to sell anything dodgy, sell on behalf of someone else etc etc all those rules can be found in the link I gave above :thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    Thanks, shall set up a paypal account now :thumbsup:
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