Looking for advice on selling PS3/360

    Hello everyone,

    I have never sold an item online before and have been recently thinking of selling my PS3 slim (250gb) or my Xbox360 slim (250gb) and all the games that go with them. Would this be better than auction sites to part ways with me beloved systems?

    I am unsure whether I want to sell both, which of the systems would you keep and why? I do like both systems, but I love the ability of the PS3 to play BluRay films.

    I am really unsure on the systems prices used, I think the PS3 goes for around £210 used and the 360 goes for a little under that?

    Why am I looking to sell? I was recently made redundant and a little extra cash would help, plus I barely use them and I only really look forward to Dragon Age, Mass Effect or Elder Scrolls games.

    As I said, I am very inexperienced with selling over the internet- Another idea would be to take it to GAME and trade it all in for store credit on a gift card and then sell the gift card?

    Thank you for any input, I hope that you all are well


    you wont get the most for your money by trading in then selling the card. you would also be best to sell some of the best games on their own and add the not so good ones to the console to make a 'bundle'
    not sure of values tbh. sorry to hear about your job and hope something turns up soon

    never trade anything at game prices are shocking i got offered £16 cash for fight night champion yesterday

    price wise ebay is best as a high buy it now and hope you get lucky
    if youre after the money fast sell as auction, but sell games seperatly

    Original Poster

    Thank you for all the responses.

    Sufcrock123 - It was a blessing in disguise anyway as it's enabling me to go and study a subject that I really want to do and start on the path of a career, rather than being stuck in retail and being reliant on the money.

    Davver99 - Thanks for that link, it should be a good base to start from. I was checking musicmagpie but the prices were horrendous.

    My naivety about ebay has always steered me away from it, I need to do some more research about how much they charge for putting an auction up and how much of a percentage they take.

    Thanks guys. I'm going to sell all my games first and decide about the consoles later :).

    sometimes things happen for a reason
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