Looking for advice to buy a tv

Hi, i am rather hapless at techy stuff, I am looking to buy a 37 or 40 inch television, i have about £300 to spend, what do you reccomend?


try richer sounds or amazon, usually have decent tv's at good prices.

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thank you, i will take a look

If you can stretch to £399 you could get this sony bravia 40" tv

includes a 5 year guarantee
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need to stick nearer the 300

I would look at Bestbuy.co.uk with 10% Quidco and £10 off for new customers(bit of a fiddle as I think you have to join instore), free delivery as well.
So therefore this bestbuy.co.uk/pro…spx works out to be £349.99 - £34.99 - £10 leaving it £305 all in...... £315 if you can't get the new customer deal...

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thank you for that, i do have a quidco account


Remember LED backlit TVs are more power efficient, saving an average of £100 per year on electricity. Worth the investment.

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this is when i start getting totally confused!


Buy an LED backlit TV if your budget can stretch and you don't compromise on features.

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hi deal hunter, i tried to order that tv but cant get home delivery, only reserve and collect which quidco isnt valid for :-(

Sorry about that but best buy are cheap and the Quidco is a bonus. I bought my son an itouch 32gb facetime for Christmas he loves it and it was by far the cheapest. Is it all TVs due to size or a stock issue. I could have sworn that when I checked it out it let me put one in the basket and said free home delivery for my postcode.
Don't normally make recommendations I just selfishly feed off others, but with it being Christmas I made about 4 recommendations including you. The others were more successful.
I hope you find a fab tv although this Christmas you haven't missed much... Except the royal institute Christmas lectures

Just checked again and there is a green tick on home delivery and a cross for reserve and collect. Might be worth another try or a phone call to see if they have a web site problem?
I'm feeling hopeful again they can be trusted to buy from and they do deliver quickly

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must be me, just tried again, says reserve and collect only, grrrr lol

Oh dear, the only thing left is to ring them on 0333 777 7777
I understand your frustration, it's happened to me in the past.
The worst thing is when you have the money and still can't buy what you want grrrr x2.
Or look elsewhere, one thing to remember is that any real deal you find could increase by 2.5% on jan 4th just because of the vat.
Did you enter your postcode? It's just that when you press check deliveries below home delivery it asks for postcode??

Right I believe you now it's just done the same for me when looking for 40 to 42 inch TVs in their search...
What I did see was this one bestbuy.co.uk/pro…spx
You get an extra 2 inches plus tv record if you plug in a USB stick this sometimes allows tv pausing which is very useful, however it's not a brand name.... Saying that most electronics these day are similar unless you are really super quality critical....

Don't believe it just tried link again and it comes up no to reserve and green tick for home delivery bestbuy.co.uk/pro…071 I suggest you keep refreshing it until the web site let's it go through...
Just keep retrying the link... It's worth a go.... Good luck....

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i got to card authorising then it went pear shaped yet again, tried 5 times then my card got blocked!!

OMG I don't know what to say... I feel the stress from here in Cheltenham... They do have an email contact page https://www-ssl.bestbuy.co.uk:443/ContactUs.aspx
I would be tempted to vent my frustration out there... I think it must just be that the web site is a victim of it's own popularity...
Anyway All Femail, Don't let trying this web site stop you from getting a tv... It might be worth looking at other posters suggestions.. Yours Mr Deal Hunter 2010

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ive gone grey lol, i have ordered the tv from amazon, got it for 332, there is a special discount code tvoffer5 which give you 5% discount, would post this but dont know how to! many thanx for your help

Sounds good. V pleased for you
Happy new year.......

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thank you and a wonderful new year to you and ur family
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