Looking For AMD?ATI Parts.

    looking to build a new gaming pc, going to be an AMD/ATI build this time as ive heard nothing but good things.

    looking for the info more then anything regarding best processor/mtherboard etc.

    money isnt really an option at the moment so any pictures or links will be appreciated.

    (any know if the 6core amd processors are any good)

    sorry if ive done this post wrong its my first thread please advise me and il change.

    thankyou karl


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    hey this is a very good deal i just found and in my opimion the AMD 6 cores are a lot better just because they are alot cheaper than intel [url=AMD Phenom X6 1055T Bundle Deal Including Phenom II X6 1055T 2.8GHz Six Core AM3 Retail Box Processor Asus M4A89TD PRO USB3 Motherboard and GEIL GEIL 4GB DDR3 Black Dragon Memory and Windows 7][/url]

    to be honest this is a good deal mobo, processor, RAM and windows 7 for that fantastic price

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