Looking for an acoustic guitar

    Looking for an acoustic guitar, ive never played before but looking to learn.

    Any deals would be great :thumbsup:

    Also advice on how to learn!


    HI there

    Sorry to but in here...but

    I have one for sale, which I was about to put on here. Happy to still do that

    Its practically brand new, bought it earlier this year - its a fender Acoustic

    PM me for details, I'm on ebay with a 100% feedback, but like I said happy to put it under for sale items or as a buy it now on ebay of you wish.

    I dont have the space, moving to a modern house with tiny rooms and no where to put my three guitars!!!

    I can email pictures as well if required

    also there are a couple of CD/DVDs you can buy, I found this better than a book as you can work with them, pause and go back

    I will find out which one I got with my electric guitar, as they do one for the acoustic I'm sure

    Original Poster

    PM'd you !

    if you want to learn try book shops. you can get little guitars and book for about a tenner and ful size with book for about 30 quid!

    There are some useful amateur tuitions on utube and elsewhere - worth searching.

    dvd here…a23

    Amazon have this…8-2
    or the superior Yamaha F310 for £80 if you are prepared to wait.

    or there is ebuyer - cheap and just about ok...…348

    Original Poster

    The amazon one looks good, can any1 better it?
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