I've got a budget of about £20-30
    Looking for a printer/scanner/photocopier which i'll mainly use for Black and White printing.

    Ink cartridges should be fairly cheap (especially for black ink)
    I was looking into the HP DESKJET F2280 (from the HP website but the price went up to £40) The HP DESKJET F4280 apparently can only print out 60 pages in b/w before you need to replace the cartridge.

    Hope someone can help -
    Thanks in advance


    Type in Wilkinson Plus on here, and there is one for £25.


    There ^^

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    Type in Wilkinson Plus on here, and there is one for … Type in Wilkinson Plus on here, and there is one for £25.] ^^

    Apparently costs the same amount just for a Black refill..
    Are there any online deals?

    If you require cheap ink you need to be conscious that cheap printers will use tri-colour ink in one cartridge. This means if one of the 3 colours have been exhausted then the whole cartridge requires replacing as the cartridges for F2280 and F4280 cannot be refilled straightforwardly.

    My mother has an F2280 and I do find it poorly constructed, in particular the flimsy scanner lid. Printing on standard 80gsm paper is poor due to HP's "dual drop volume" technology. As the nomenclature suggests, this results in extra ink being used and causes curling on the 80gsm paper as the ink dries. Furthermore, smudging is an issue too on 80gsm paper due to the extra ink usage. However, this leads to the corollary that the extra ink droplets is an advantage with regards to print quality on heavier paper which do not suffer from curling as ink dry nor ink bleed/smudging.

    The F4280 does not suffer as much from ink bleeding/smudging as the F2280 but like the F2280, there is no banding from the printouts which is also complemented by good skin tones. It does produce sharper text in higher quality mode than the F2280 using standard 80gsm paper (due to less ink bleed). Like the F2280 it is also a 2 cartridge printer with the colour cartridge being a tri-colour one and again, this will not be as cost effective as printers using separate ink tanks for individual colours.

    In order for you to achieve close to the costs per page that you have seen, you will need to use HP's high yield cartridges, by the way.


    Moved this to deal requests

    £30 all in one scanner printer in sainsbury at the moment,
    HP Deskjet not sure on the model number though
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