Looking for an Electronic Calorie Counter

    I am looking to buy a handheld electronic Calorie Counter. I do not want one with a pedometer just a basic model I can record daily calories and it will deduct this from my daily limit.

    There seems to be a few available but only overseas.

    Any idea where I can get one?



    im not sure how accurate it will be

    a basic unit will only calculate it based on steps, will not take account of heart rate

    Original Poster

    Sorry if I was unclear, I want something very basic that I can add my daily calorie target and then manually add the calories I have consumed, basically a glorified calculator.
    I know I could use a calculator or pen and paper but I want something specific for the job.

    There are plenty of apps for mobile phones that do this, i only suggest that because it is something most people carry around with them all of the time anyway
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