Looking for an elliptical.

    I am looking for a nice cheapish elliptical, don't need any thing fancy, just a good workout I am looking to spend ideally around £50 but willing to go up to about £80. Please ignore the two on ebuyer as they are no good for me. I feel as though I don't really know where to look, I have tried boots, argos, ebuyer, all the catalogue shops (empire, littlewoods etc etc) and I am sort of at a loss now

    Any help greatly appreciated


    Has it got to be an ellipical..? power rider just as good

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    I'd like an elliptical, aye

    If I remember correctly it has to be a certain size, what is it?

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    The one I have now (which is being returned because the computer on it doesn't work properly!) is 120cm length and 60cm width, it's too big but actually I have found it to be liveable with, I would prefer a smaller one for sure, but that's no longer as important as it was, certainly can't be any BIGGER than this one though.

    There's one at Decathlon at the top of your budget @ £79


    I suggest this one because if there's a store near your location you could see what it's like before buying

    Store finder


    There are a few at ]Amazon but unfortunately they don't give sizes

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    Amazon want £30 delivery on all of theirs o_0 (and I won't buy from marketplace)

    Thanks for your help. If any one has any more please keep them coming, the more options the better
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