Looking for an heart rate watch for a disabled child

Found 26th Jun

Could anyone recommend a watch with a heart rate monitor with an ability to disable the Bluetooth.
I need to measure my child anxiety levels at school and he is only 10 so it cant be expensive.

Many thanks in advance.
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I have to suggest to you that this sounds like you need your GP to arrange a referral to a care team specialist or other care provider. You remotely monitoring your child's heart rate out of a necessity you perceive suggests there is a far deeper problem here. You will almost certainly have to advise the school as well if the need is so specific.

What draws you to this conclusion?
I hope someone on here can help you find a heart rate watch
Many thanks
Hi ccnp thank you for your comment. My son has an autism and ADD and it was an advice from at least 2 different health professionals.
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