Looking for an old house music song...One for all you old ravers! FOUND - Now just some cool funky beats a coming your way, all day long.............

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Found 7th Dec 2008
Hi all
I am trying to find a song. I found it a while back, but had to reformat my puter and lost it. I don't know the name, but I think it might be "prima vera", it sounds like the singer says that. It is maybe mid 80's and sounds like really early chicago house music. Just that funky style, with a wee guitar tune over it...It is in Spanish I think, and if I was to try and sing it it would go something like...." hey, ho, yimma dada , a seea como vida ana suc am ah, a seea como vida ana steel calm ap....You get the jist. The chorus does sound like "prima vera...prima vera...prima vera" I have tried youtube searching "prima vera" but 30 pages in I can't find it. If you know it, or have an idea as to what it is, please let me know. Thank You


you been on the sherry :w00t:


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I found it!! Delighted, less than an hour = success :-D For anyone interested -

uk.youtube.com/wat…UoE 12 incher :thumbsup: Turn it up!

uk.youtube.com/wat…LWg Live version

I am going through a mid life crisis 10 years too early me thinks!! I want to go back to they days, young, dumb and full of come to think of it :whistling:

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To everyone who may be feeling the same, I am going to add some songs here that will ease the pain,
some of you may know, some of you may not,
but deep down in my heart I want you to rock,
rock to your soul, rock to your core, rock till your heart can't take any more!








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