Looking for an out of print book - Christiane F

Read this way back when & remember it having a huge effect on me at the time - fancy revisiting it again & putting it aside for when the kids are older.

It appears to be out of print & mostly german copies available.

Cheers for any advice.


me to what a book !! i have looked as well saw one on amazon uk once for £130 !!!! good luck

Have you looked on Amazon, as I have just found this one. Bit pricey at £53.92 though.



Original Poster

Cheers guys

Managed to snaffle a hardback one from ebay by negotiating a buy it now for £40 delivered.

Not in perfect condition but then it is almost 30 yrs old!

Seems like a reasonable deal given the prices of them elsewhere (the one linked to above was over £50 for a paperback).

Given its scarcity I hope it should at least hold its value.

Also bought a DVD of the film which apparently is also excellent & only £6 from Amazon at the roly-mo amazon.co.uk/Chr…0T9

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