Looking for an R4 card for the DS Lite ?

Hi Folks

I wondered if you kind souls could help me out, im looking for the above card for my Dad as a suprise but have not got a clue whats the best card, he has a DS Lite, as is looking to play "backup games" on the DS as well as use it as a keyboard or personal computer. I really dont know much about then and wondered if someone could help me find one for him, ive been on dealextreme but that confuses me even more

thanks in advance xx



I've got cards from these before now, and they are great, save a fortune. You are best to get the R4i card plus a micro transflash SD card, they can be used in DS and the DSi console. The other thing, if you start your order and just before the payment page, you stop the order , they sent me a code for an extra 5% off, thats 40% off order.

Don't forget to use the discount code.

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hi folks - ive read the below and am more confused ?? i just need the card for a ds lite NOT dsi so would a R4 be ok rather than a R4I ????


you can use the R4i card on the DS, but not Vise Versa. Would pay the little extra, that way if you get a DSi in the future, then you wont have to worry about another card

Oh, and I dont think you can ask about this on here as you mention "backup games".. ;-)
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