Looking for an Xbox game that was listed on here.

Found 8th Feb 2018
I saw a game that I thought looked good, on here, but events overtook me and I have only just got round to looking for it. It was listed on here, I believe as part of a multiple listing, within the last 7 or 8 days.
It was a racing game, with several different types of race - including a straight race and a destruction Derby. Also, if my memory hasn't totally gone south, the track changed according to power ups etc used. It offered split screen racing. I believe that it was an Xbox 360 game that is Xbox One compatible. The poster said something about it not showing in the usual games displayed in Microsoft store but you had to search for it. I've been back through all the results of searches for 'xbox', 'xbox one', 'xbox1', 'xbox360' but I can't find it. Can anyone recall the name of the game please? Really want it as there's not much in the way of local split screen games around.
Thanks in advance.
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Split/second? It's free with Xbox Gold at the moment!
That rings a bell. Many thanks will Have a look tomorrow. I'm looking for something to keep grandchildren amused and that sounded perfect.
Was it this Thread
That's the one. Thanks guys.
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