Looking for any good japanese rpg's for the psp

    Link to deals or any for sale would be interested in

    thanks people


    Breath of fire 3 - £7.99…edd

    Star Ocean First Departure - £12.99…dvd

    Star Ocean Second Evolution - £14.75…dvd

    Tactics Ogre - £13.99…813

    Final Fantasy - £14.00…dvd

    Final Fantasy 2 - £12.85…tml

    Final Fantasy 4 - £14.99…edd

    Final Fantasy 7 Crisis Core - £12.19…dvd

    I would also suggest Persona 3 but its still £24.85…d59

    and Final fantasy tactics war of the lions but this is £19.59…dvd

    and Valkyrie Profile Lenneth which is £17.99…psp

    I'm sure quidco apply to all of these as well.

    I have all of these, and i enjoy them all very much. I hope this helps.

    Also there's

    Disgaea Afternoon of Darkness - £17.96…psp

    Disgaea 2 Dark Hero Days - £14.85…tml

    As you might have noticed with the I don't like paying over £15 for a handheld game, but they are here because they are all very good games, and some are are old games so they might not come down any more due to becoming "rarer" or "collectable". With an exception to Persona 3 as this is quite a new game hence the high price.

    Hope this helps. Happy gaming.
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