Looking for Archery equipment shops in London?

    I have recently started a new hobby (Archery) and am looking to buy some equipment to learn and practice on. I'd like to visit a retail outlet to look, feel and try out some of the gear but cant find any shops based in London or SE London. Anyone have any recommendations?


    Try decathlon in Surrey Quays, they have some good archery equipment

    *Decathlon do, not sure about stock in that particular store

    Hi Parv1, I gave up archery due to ill health but enjoyed it very much, I presume you have located your local archery club, if not that is where to start. If you have then if your local club is GNAS registered it will probably have an instructor, they usually are aware of people upgrading their equipment which can be purchased well below new retail. A second hand set is the way to go as you will relatively quickly out grow it and need more powerful equipment , most of the large sport shops set ups are not very good for serious archery. IF you have not found your local archery club here is a link to the GNAS. It would appear that the gov. body is now called archeryGB, it is a few years since I shot.…php

    Good answer above.

    I started about 6 months ago or so, the complexity of getting the correct equipment is much higher than you would expect and unfortunately the shops don't always give the best advice.

    I've joined our local club along with my daughter and we regularly shoot. The club is open 4 times a week so there is plenty of time to go and practise and they have coaches on hand and dedicated coaching sessions. It has been worth every penny.

    As John posted above you will go through equipment quite quickly, the riser might last but you will need to practise on low poundage limbs to start with, then work your way up. As your power increases your arrows will need replacing with ones of a different spine rating. It is nice to go and try out the different equipment in a shop but you will be much better off financially if you can buy second hand equipment within the club and then sell it on to newer members after.

    I bought a second hand bow which is still working well for me and still within the correct range for what I need at the moment, however the arrows that came with it aren't really perfectly matched and I will probably need to replace these shortly if I want to progress.

    The clubs also have the benefit of hosting and entering into tournaments and other competitions which gives a bit of purpose to it all.

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    Thanks for the info. Decathlon wouldn't be somewhere I'd want to buy decent branded archery equipment but some of the accessories are fine. I do go to a club and will ask some of the members to see what equipment they may want to get rid of.
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