looking for Army surplus stores


    Does anyone know of some good on-line army surplus store websites.
    The only on-line army surplus store that I've ordered from is Springfield's Army surplus store.
    Anouther surplus store that I've heard of is Mean and green ( ) but I've never ordered from them.

    The reason that I ask for on-line army surplus store addresses is because I'm after some coats for winter since I do a lot of work outside during the winter period, I was thinking of getting some Artic gear.

    Thanks for all help. :w00t:


    My husband uses [url][/url] had no problems

    Being in the military myself I wouldn't even bother with the military surplus. In the past when I've done OPs in the 'snow' I've bought decent stuff from NorthFace and Berghaus. It costs more but its so much better at keeping you warm and dry.

    What you in c1arky?

    Original Poster

    Cheers for the info C1arky, Do you know where I can get some prices on northface and berghaus stuff and if there sold on-line.

    If you don't mind me asking but what trade are you in the forces?
    I was a Combat Med Tech for 6 years until last year, now im just the mad civi .

    Any ops I've done in the snow I've only been aloud to wear combat 95 gear or a parka but it would have to have a 'dpm' pattern on it. Unfortunately the use of any civi stuff wasn't aloud.

    Tomorrow I'm heading to my nearest army surplus store to price some gear, if I see any of the products that C1arky mentioned then ill report back the price, if its reasonably priced then I'll get it a few days later.


    What about Silvermans....]

    I can vouch for Silvermans, used them myself, easy to access if you can drive to MileEnd, can get tube etc too.

    I still have my DPMs I got over 10years ago from them

    Been to Silvermans shop (for bike gear) too but it was years ago :thumbsup:

    Nortface stuff is ace, where i work at the minute i see a lot of SF and they are all using clothing and bags by Northface.

    Not sure if this is the thing your looking for , but hey ho ~

    Listen to ivrytwr3 he knows what hes on about.

    I hear what your saying about only being allowed to wear British DPM, but there are exceptions. OPs involving large numbers of people wear DPM. I've done work where i've worn a NorthFace jacket and a Ghillie suit and nobodies the wiser.
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