looking for baby boy names that are modern but cool

    as above


    i like 'Jackson' but it depends on the surname




    I like Beau (pronounced Bo) or Kai

    Rhys is good name.
    And Charlie



    My boy is called Mason.

    We've also got a cat called Marshall (after the guitar amp) and a dog called Rafferty

    We suggest Theo:)

    Jayden...........that's me in the pic!



    Jayden...........that's me in the pic!

    ooh i have one too
    spelt jaidan:thumbsup:
    i also have an adam and a mitchell(mitch)


    i like 'Jackson' but it depends on the surname

    me too but i would spell it jaxon

    my boys are called luke,kyle,josh and zack

    alfie is nice,thats what i have named my parrot

    Kieran, Bailey

    Xander as in xXx


    Jayden...........that's me in the pic!

    awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute

    Hi i called my wee boy Bryce - have since found out there is a canyon in Canada called Bryce Canyon. Other names i had thought of were Brandon or Bradley, but obviously i opted for Bryce (which does get noted). Hope this helps



    That is indeed a cool name as my little boy is called it.:thumbsup:


    My newborn nephew is called Jayden. He is 12wks so I guess you can't get any more modern than that! I think it is slightly chav-tastic myself

    I like Oscar as mentioned above but I love Lucas/Luca even more.


    ben is in



    I love the name Kian. Thats modern and not overly used. My boys are called Daniel, Jamie and Lewis.

    Original Poster

    surname is seymour

    Nicholas, Andrew, Paul, Roger are all going to be cool names 2009/10.


    my son is called Evan

    My son is called Luca, but I also love Oscar & Rocco

    Hiya, i had a baby boy begining of december and named him FELIX.


    50 Cent



    We were going to call our boy Tyler before he was born but when he came out he didn't look like a Tyler! (Maybe the next one! lol) We called him Aidan

    A cool name is Tyger!

    what about lennon?

    Noah is cool

    My auntie is having a baby girl (even tho the post is about boy names, but oh well) and she is thinking about the name - Phoebe Mae!!! xxx

    My son is 4 months and we have called him Rhys, did think about calling him Logan but its quite popular. A friend has a boy called Josiah which is cool if you were thinking of a biblical name

    i am pregs and would love to call a boy jayden but hubby hates it i have a leon already we just gona wait and see wht name it suits when its born

    lol names are a difficult thing we spent 8 months arguing between me and partner in the end we traded she got to decorate any way she wanted if a girl and name her, and if boy i got to name and decorate im glad to say we had a little boy and i could not decide so he is now 17 wks tomorrow and called ETHAN TORRES HORACIO PETER BRETT REINA ROGERS so there is a few to choose from but do what we did text 118 118 they chose ETHAN lol hope this helps
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