Looking For Battery MT621 For My Citizen Watch

Found 3rd Nov 2014
Hi, Can anyone advise me that from where I purchase the battery MT621 for my Citizen Watch as the prices coming up on eBay are over £20?

Thank You in advance.
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Have you looked in Poundland/World or 99p store? They usually do multipacks of watch sized batteries/
Well I have & Can't find it....

Think the problem is that the battery has the extra bit's stuck to them (looks like there are soldered or welded in place), if them bit's can be removed then I don't see a problem in just getting another battery but my guess is it's not a easy job.
It's a capacitor/battery, that's why it's expensive.
It's not a normal button cell.
I think that because it is a specialised battery with tabs on, that is probably what you will have to pay.
you should maybe check how much a jeweller or citizen would charge to replace it, at least then you would get some form of guarantee.
off topic but you seem to be unlucky, as if you read the recent hsamuel citizen deal thread there are people on there with eco-drive watches that have not lost a second accuracy in thirtyhundred years.
I was going to try H Samuel, Chisholm Hunter & Timpson later on but I know they will be charging over £50 just to replace the battery.

I normally change the batteries of my watches by myself but it looks like this will cost me a bit.
there are a few listed on eBay. comes up as capacitor rather than battery hence the extra price. most. if not all, were in japan. about 20 quid, plus around 6 quid p&p.
About £30 for tools and lithium battery. I did my Seiko kinetic watch a couple of years ago, big difference between the capacitor vs lithium cell. 7 days vs 7 months.
Thank you everyone for their input.

Much Appreciated.....
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