Looking for best 4 x 4 deal

    okay thinking of upgrading my car, currently have an mg tf which i loved until i started travelling for an hour and a half a day to/from work and i now feel like im walking the whole way as i am so low down plus its killing my back as there is no support in the seats. Looking to see if anyone knows on any good deals at the moment for a 4 x 4, not too big though but comfortable and anything from 07 plate onwards. Your help is greatly appreciated!


    Nice new set of seats might be cheaper - Corbeau etc.

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    Nice new set of seats might be cheaper - Corbeau etc.

    thanks but really looking for a new car, car just isnt really practical for longer distances plus only has 2seats and really looking for 4/5. repped though :thumbsup:

    Hi how much do you want to spend how far do you travel to work.
    Diesel or petrol.
    Sporty ??etc

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    preferably diesel, under £10,000 i travel approx 60 miles a day, not too fussed about sport as long as it looks nice........thank you

    Daft question but did you know most 4x4 are £400.00 plus for road tax a year

    [SIZE="4"][COLOR="Green"]It might be worthwhile to look at LPG conversions too[/COLOR][/SIZE]

    Another tip may be to look at an MPV.
    Stuff like a Focus C-max may be a little better as you can get them with fairly economical diesel engines and pretty low tax brackets.


    Daft question but did you know most 4x4 are £400.00 plus for road tax a … Daft question but did you know most 4x4 are £400.00 plus for road tax a year

    Interesting comment. None of mine are... and I have 3! Cars with high emmisions have high road tax, not 4x4s.

    How much are you looking to spend ?

    Car like 4x4s like the Honda CRV and alike are lower tax and cheaper to run than a focus, but are still petrol. Remember that a 4x4 is generally heavier than a "normal" car so it will be slower for the same engine size. If you are driving for an hour or so each day, then a "crossover" like the Volvo XC70 / 90 or CRV etc are a nice option. saying that, Grand Cherokees and alike are really cheap to their new price at the moment as are many of the other bigger 4x4s. If you like the sporty feel, then maybe a Subaru legacy or alike where it's still 4x4 but quite a grunty engine.. ?

    At the end of the day, drive a few and see how you get on with them, personal feel if a major part of things. I had a Merc ML 270CDI and the second delay as the turbo spun up drove me mad as soon as I started travelling into london with it. for 2 years before that it was fine. Now I have gone back to a petrol (non merc, but that's another story).

    Yank Tanks are generally that, big engines and not the most efficient, but parts can be cheaper... Jap motors tend to be reliable and squeeze every last ounce of power out of it. but you pay more for the parts. There is a reason why Toyota's are used from the arctic to the desert

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