Looking for Best Cheap Laptop Upto £250 tops


    I am looking for a cheap laptop for my sister, she has a budget of £250 max. Obviously she wants the best spec she can get for the money. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?
    She may also be interested in buying a used laptop depending on price/spec.
    Thanks in advance


    I'm no expert but this may do. ASUS Eee PC 4GB Black Internet Tablets £249 delivered.

    What sort of laptop is she looking for? Something like the eee PC is quite a difference beast to a 17" laptop.

    You're not going to get much for £250 new, there are laptops for that price but they're not going to run vista snappily(even if they come with it) and the quality of construction won't be the best. If she's not going to use it much (writing the occasional letter, watching a film) then they might be worth considering but if it's going to get plenty of use then a second hand laptop with better build quality and windows XP is definitely worth considering, even is the specs are slightly lower.
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