Looking for best deal for domain and hosting please

Found 12th Mar 2018

I need some help. I've never had a website before but I'm good at programming. I want to start a website (possibly used for selling in the future, but mainly for giving information on my products).

Now i've seen deals for domains for 99p for the first year from 1and1. Obviously I need hosting. Are there cheap hosting only deals or is it better to go for a package?

Finally, I would like domain/whois protection (so my registration details aren't easily visible).

Thanks for all your help.
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There are so many out there it's hard to advise. I personally use 123-REG for domains and 20i reseller for hosting. So simply shop on Google for hosting that will give you what you need, as in to make sure your hosting will support the language you are planning on programming the site in (Unix/Windows etc).

For the domain name just make sure you have full DNS control, can change your nameservers and IPS Tag yourself should you ever need to.

Just be aware of the "free" offers, as they usually aren't and there will be tie-ins etc. You are better off paying for decent hosting if the site is going to be used for a business.

If just a personal site there are one or two free hosting packages out there, AwardSpace being the most full featured i've come across.
Fasthosts .co.uk
Vidahost have always been reliable and helpful for me.
Thanks so much for your replies.

I have seen that ecohosting provides hosting at the same cost alone as when purchased with a domain so I think I will go with whoever sells the domain at the cheapest with AwardSpace hosting for the time being to see how that fits me, then if I need more features I will compare ecohosting with 20i.

I just thought there were combined promotions but two replies suggest going separately so that's what I'll do.

Thanks again!

I would still appreciate further responses/guidance/advice to this topic. I don't know the first thing about DNS control, nameservers and IPS tags but I won't stray further than the big names like 1and1/123reg.
Bought my domain off Google £10 year, host is Krystal..£3.29 month 30gb ssd 24hr chat
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