Looking for best options for home Wifi signal extension

Found 3rd Jan 2018
Looking for the best options to extend my Wifi signal as it struggles to reach all rooms in the house and we also now have the need to extend it into the detached garage and garden.

We have the BT Smart Hub 6 which is not centrally located but not far off.

We struggle to get good signal upstairs and it's none existent in the detached garage but this is approx 20 metres away from the Hub.

We tried the BT Whole Home discs and that didnt reach to the garage as the jump between the discs was too great so they went back.

I have looked at using a powerline kit with a wifi extender for the garage and wifi extenders for upstairs but just wanted to get more views/feedback on this including which make models are best etc.

Hope you can help
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Bite the bullet and buy ethernet cable and wire the whole house, it's no different that wiring in aerial cable and it will solve 99% of all problems. Homeplugs are really only a temporary solution where you don't own the house or can't/too lazy to wire it yourself.
We bought one of these Link. Speed wise it pulls in 30mbps through the plug over it’s own WiFi, there’s really no need to wire the whole house you are not running a server farm probably just watching Netflix so it’s a bit excessive to dig the garden up, install a port in the garage and power up an access point for the limited time you’d use it.

Also not sure why they would be a temporary solution either, anyway each to their own.

i imagine the garage has power so those plugs will work you should get enough speed through them for £20 give it a go there easy to setup.

I live in a 3 story building, and my son (Top floor) was always complaining about laggy speed's and drop outs. I invested in THIS
I paid £34.99, i didn't pay for express shipping and i received it the next day. My son has said he has not had any issues since.

Hope the information is useful.
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