Looking for best price for House MD series 2

    I'm looking for the best price for House MD series 2 on region 2 DVD please.

    Best I've found so far is cdwow at £32.99 less £1.00 voucher less 5% if purchased on Egg credit card = £30.39 delivered (can't use Quidco otherwise I don't get the 5% Egg discount).

    Unfortunately it's not released until next Mon so I can't use the HMV 20% off code which is only valid for this Fri/Sat and not on pre-orders :-(


    Going through ]http//ww…ne/ should knock the starting price down to £31.99, voucher will take it down to £30.99, plus your Egg discount should get it down to £29.44.

    For whatever reason, it's not showing up on the usual price comparison sites, so it's hard to tell what's out there!

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    Unfortunately to get the 5% Egg discount I need to click on the affiliate link on Egg's website (so I can't go through the Capital One affiliate)
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