Looking for best price Paintballing and go-karting for at least 5 people in or around London

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Found 8th May 2009
There's at least 5 of us that want to attend go-karting in or around London and we're flexible on dates providing that it's good value all around.

We're also interested in Paintballing for at least 7 people with the same restrictions, any suggestions would be welcome.

Does anyone have any ideas?


I haven't been karting your way for many a year, but there was an excellent one near City Airport when I did it in '95. It may even have disappeared since the Dome was erected.


I booked the above link for Merseyside, for £29.99 all day lunch and 500 paintballs. Thats a good price I think, as paintballs are about £6.00 per hundred. Anyway its a start, good luck.

Well ur in 4 a really expensive time no matter what dal u get unfortuately.
Paintballs costs an absolute fortune (cos of the paintballs) n kartin isnt much better.
Havin said that ull have an absolute blast as both r quality

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Yep, I know they're both supposed to be great fun but quite costly.

I have a voucher somewhere for 10 people to receive free entry to paintballing with free comedy tickets afterwards but I think the paintballs cost about a tenner per 100 and everyone's saying we're going to require at least 500 per person...my friends are saying they want to try and sneak some in from Ebay. :giggle:

I told them they're likely to get searched but it's upto them if they want to get kicked out lol.

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I also found a go-karting place near my area which costs £39 per person, with the whole experience lasting around 2 hours (which includes training etc) I know there's one near my sisters which is £20 for 30 mins and my bro said there's some pretty good ones in Edmunton, which is something like £40 for about half hour.

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http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/3-/125006/2-/Promo.htmldon't know if … http://www.play.com/Gadgets/Gadgets/3-/125006/2-/Promo.htmldon't know if this is any good

I think that's the same one I already have..it's the same details anyway, with a certain amount of people allowed free entry, lunch and the same comedy club, plus it's a similar price for the paintballs.

wish you posted earlier cos the sun had a £5 per person for first 100 painballs then £6 thereafter


£13 per person
£7 for every 100 painballs


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Cheers for that, it could be worth taking that up, if I can't find the vouchers or there's nothing better around. Rep left. ;-)

I am hoping we can find a good venue with cheaper Paintballs...I can imagine the guys would be trigger happy. :giggle:

Is anyone having any luck with the go-karting deals?

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I found those prices at Buyagift + an additional 20% discount voucher, which saves at least £10 each depending on the package but thanks for the attempt.
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