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With a combination of better weather and rising Petrol prices I am planning on buying a bike to cycle to work. I believe a road bike would be better as there is quite a lot of hill work. This is also an attempt at that dreaded word....fitness!

Since I aint owned a bike since I was a kid I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of decent deals or even just general ideas on what to look for, types best suited.

My budget would be around the £300 mark but depends on the deal.

I did a search on here but there doesnt seem to be anything thats pretty hot to be honest so any help is much appreciated.


Is that bike worth the money? I really need a new bike, my current full suspension bike is falling apart, and I want a good, solid bike?

Try sterling houses website.They seem to have offeres a lot of the time.x

The cheap sterling house bikes are good for those on a budget who won't use it too mcuh, but are heavy and use cheap components. For everyday use you do need a decent bike, but £300 should see you alright.

Consider investigating the cycle to work scheme too, that can save you a bundle (and you can also include all the extra's, helmets, clothing, pump, lights) in the pre tax bit of buying it.

As for what to buy, depending on your route to work, you'd probably be looking at:-

- Front suspension Good for a little off road (parks, tow paths) or on rubbish road, the suspension takes a fair bit of the bump out of the ride. Lower gearing makes for an easy (if slow) climb, but slower top speed.

- Road - Drop bars, very light, thin tyres. Good for good roads, fastest and lightest. Arguably the hardest to get used to from scratch. Normally have higher gearing, so can go faster, but can mean a bit of a struggle on steep hills.

- Hybrid / urban - Normally either suspension less versions of the 1st type or a road style bike with flat handlebars. A good compromise of speed / weight and comfort on mid length commutes. Some of the 'urban' bikes also have things like internal geared hubs (no oiling) to ease on the maintenance.

Think about how used you are to cycling, what your route is, and if possible get on a couple of bikes to try it out.

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I went in by my local bike shop and the guy recommended this bike


In the shop its £250 compared to the online price. Im in the process of trying to find some online reviews but it looked pretty decent in the shop and although I dont know what half the spec means at least in the shop they build the bike up to my spec instead of me trying to put it all together.

bikeradar.com/ has very good info

It's always good to get some advice from the local shop, hopefully they may let you out for a test ride.

That bike looks to be in the hybrid category. All that talk about geometry means it'll ride like an old sit up and beg bike. Pretty comfy, but not the best for speed.

The components are from a named manafacturer, but are at the bottom of what is available from them. On the gearing front they do talk about it being setup for easy riding, so it should have a nice low gear ratio (easier if slower hills)

Larger stores and online places sell last years models at significantly cheaper prices, so do keep an eye out for deals like that.

As outrunner says, bike radar is a good site. It has a forum too, so may be worth signing up to ask about specifics.

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Some great advice there guys thank you very much.

As im build for comfort and not speed I cannot see myself going to fast on the bike although im sure once I get used to it I will be pushing myself further.

I will check out this other website and see what they have to offer, please accept some rep for helpin me out
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