Looking for brushed/satin chrome sockets with white switches and insets

Posted 2nd Jan
Looking for advice. I’m looking for reasonably priced either brushed chrome or satin chrome (or failing that polished chrome) set of plugs and switches which ideally have WHITE switches on them not metal switches (although will have metal if ultimately have to) and where the inset for the plugs is also in white. They do NOT have to be screwless and flat to the wall. Seem to have been going around in circles looking for somewhere that sells 2 plugs, one plug and light switches. Not looking to pay £20+ a plug as need 18 of them plus light switches but they don't have to be cheapest either. I do not want to use LAP from Screwfix as they seem to have quite a bad reputation. Anyone know what fits the bill? Thanks very much.
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They are used in schools etc so you night want to find a school supplies website, it should be cheaper.
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