Looking for Budgie breeder

I am looking for a new pet for the house and we have decided we want a baby budgie as they are very tame and easy to handle as a first bird pet, also we can teach them to talk as a bonus from putting a lot of time in with them and as i have been doing a lot of reading on this type of bird i think this bird will fit are requirements and the birds.

So I am looking for local breeder in the Cheshire area (Runcorn) area if possible reason why I want to go to local breeder is I would like to be able to go back to them to get some much needed advice if needed to help me bring it up. I would also like to have one from a young age as I have read that they do become a better pet.

As for Prices Im not sure what the right price is to pay for one i have read that they sell for around £5 - £15.


Jeff Capes?
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