Looking for business broadband - XLN vs Plusnet vs any other?

Found 10th Aug

The postcode is RG12 1RL, Acorn house....I can't get fibre so only normal broadband.

With bt at the moment and they charge a ridiculous £30 for broadband 18mbps and line rental then there is an extra £5 for static ip....

We also take the unlimited uk call package for £13 a month.

Anyone recommend any other alternatives???
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sorry i can't help, but £30 p/m for 18mb/s if you get unlimited usage for multiple users - sounds like a pretty decent deal to me ??? (baring in mind, if i was a boss my staff wouldn't be allowed to ** about on youtube etc) - it's not much more expensive then home broadband ?
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Get a BTnet leader line from around £225 a month, they go up to around 10gbps up and down!
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XLN broadband is provided by talktalk. I use them for my cafe, I signed up with them which included line rental, broadband and free public Wi-fi all for around £28 pm. Customer service I would rate 10/10 broadband 5/10. Don’t know if it’s just me I’ve found broadband to be very slow and unstable and the public Wi-fi would only work when it feels like it.
I would try Zen, not the cheapest but from experience service and speed decent.


Upsides - Fixed IP, one month contract.

Downside - More expensive than your current provider, that is if you go by website pricing. Might be worth a call, see if a deal is available.
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