Looking for Camera recommendation - suitable for a class room

    My wife is a teacher (primary) and is looking for a camera for her to use in the classroom. She needs to take pictures of some of the things kids do for her personal development profiles.

    With Xmas looming i'm looking for any recommendations on a reasonable camera that is fairly hardy -other than the Olympus shockproof one which is more than i wanted to spend on just this

    Does need to be able to take a beating though i guess as could get dropped, kids may have a go on it as well for some lessons and they have grubby little hands!!

    Any recommendations welcomed

    Thanks for any help!!


    At the start of the year they had an offer on an olympus SW at £129. i know it isnt on offer now but is that still too much money if you keep looking for a good deal. Maybe they are that price now i havent looked at them for a long time

    i think our teachers have the kodak one with the base? its on offer at our local asda so im sure nationwide?…tml

    i think it was this-was in stock in warrington Birchwood on Saturday.

    as ever, i will recommend the panasonic tz series - they are just so versatile and seem to me to be very sturdy

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    will check these all out - thanks for the help!! - rep left
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