Looking for car breakdown cover..

    Hi All,

    Looking for car breakdown cover to cover two cars (Mine and t'other half). Ideally it'd cover each of us driving both vehicles.

    We really only need a tow-you-home/to-your-destination type of service.

    I do around 12,000 miles per year, t'other half around 3,000 miles. Oldest car is 1994.

    We are currently with Green flag who have quoted us ~£100 to renew with the this year.

    Anyone point me in the direction of a better deal? (I'm signed up to Quidco if that helps)


    I think ]autoaid gives the best deal, but you have to be properly spliced. Only down side is that its a pay and claim service, but then that is how they keep the price so low. Payout is quick though so if you have a breakdown and pay by credit card you are likely to be reimbursed before the credit card payment is due. Has good reviews on MSE
    Were the best for me £42 inc homestart, take you onto final journey etc.
    Used them 3 times for various reasons never had a problem with them at all!.

    RAc thru quidco offer solution 3 joint cover (inc at home) for £98 with £30 cash back, or the AA offer the relay and roadside service for £102 with £40 cashback.
    Personally I would opt for the RAc cover as for the extra £6 it includes cover at home. Both of them cover the driver not the car, so you would both be covered no matter what car you were driving.

    You can also pay the RAC by Tesco clubcard points, at four times their value.

    I have cover for 2 cars and drivers - think it covers us for any car we are in - and is quite comprehensive for £104 per year with Saga.
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