Looking for car deals

    I'm looking to buy either a new or used car and of course there is the autotrader website but do you have any more tips on where to buy cars from? Have you got any recommendations for car auctions etc?

    Thanks in advance,



    try gumtree-theres loads on there


    With car auctions you need to know what you are doing.
    Most 1 year old cars have warranty left on the car if its been serviced so not much to worry about.
    I use bca

    You can pay to search there site for up coming auctions of cars etc.
    Also find the car you want and call them they will tell you what the last ones went for.
    That help you gauge what funds you need

    If you've got time on your hands and in no rush, plus you're thinking about car auctions - take your time and visit the same one over a few different weeks. You get used to gauging the price of cars going through or perhaps what cars seem to go through week after week. Get there with plenty of time to have a good look around the cars you like, before the auction starts. Take someone that knows a bit about car mechanics, if you can - just to get their point of view.

    Most of the cars I've bought have been sourced through Ebay. Same sort of thing applies - take your time and look through as many as you can. I always try to buy them with a nice long MOT, service history, relatively low miles, etc. If you're prepared to travel the length of the country for a car, factor that into the cost. I've flown Cardiff to Edinburgh to pick up a car and drive it back - just depends on whether the overall cost comes in your budget.

    Good advice from meandog, the big auctions can be very daunting to a newbie, last one I went to they were putting cars through every 90 seconds so you dont have much time to think, and it wasn't easy to understand the auctioneer at all. It certainly wasnt English he was speaking, more like auctionish a bizarre language spoken by auctioneers, And the sneaky sod was bouncing off bids off the wall.

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    Thanks for the advice guys! I had some probs with the last car I bought, never hpi'd it and it was a CAT B write off and finding it hard to sell so thinking of putting it on the webuyany ... u know the website so not gonna finish it off! :roll::roll:

    Not gonna get much for it and want an upgrade! Heard there was a shortage of used cars as well on the news.

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