Looking for cheap 360 deals!

    Right, my mum is getting my cousin an xbox 360 game this year but has asked me to help! She has about £15 limit, he likes prince of persia and action games! Looking for deals in shops and online so any help will be much appreciated.



    Game, Gamestation & Blockbusters instore start at 97p for pre-owned games. Went to Gamestation last night got 4 XBOX games for £5.96.

    If you hate your cousin you can usually pick up Ninja Gaiden II for about the £15 mark, it's a good game and actiony but hard as nails. Or if you want supercheap, get Golden Compass, it's like £5.

    edit: The first Assassin's Creed is excellent and probably a tenner these days too.

    I got a load of preowned from game and gamestaion today too, but try Comet if you have one near you, look on the net and then reserve it, i picked up WWF legends for £5 by reserving if i did't reserve t it would have been £25, but i think they have prince of persia too, just check if your local store has them instock
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