Looking for cheap accommodation in Brighton...Help please

    Hi Guys, looking for some cheap accommodation in Brighton for a weekend in May.. For two nights, one room, two adults... any suggestions..been surfing the net and its all so expensive!!
    Thanks in advance...


    any where around brighton tends to be mega expensive (i live there!) one option is to actually stay on the outskirts newhaven/seaford area which have bus/train connections, but if your plannin on a party weekend to make the most of the nightlife thats not such a great idea cause again taxis are mega expensive. Have you considered the travellers hostels at all? Theres a few of them doted about a quick google search seems to give 'baggies' great reviews


    You'll find it difficult finding somewhere in Brighton with free parking.
    You' be better off looking furthur along the coast eith in Hove or Rottingdean where parking is either free or cheaper.
    Rottingdean is a few miles to the east and has very good bus links to the centre of B'ton. If youn need more help PM me.

    I've found the same problem of the prices around that time. Booked one for 1 night and it cost just shy of £90....... Up to anything nice?

    check out this place if looking for a hotel, rates seem pretty reasonable for brighton ]http//ww…uk/

    try here ]http//ww…htm

    for a list of 90 different hotels/b&b's/guesthouses with a indication of prices too if its any use!

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    Planning to meet a couple of friends from Scotland for the weekend...husband has just been in Afgan for six months so was hoping to find fairly cheap accommodation as im reckoning much money could be spent on beer. But if it works out to expensive it probably wont happen.

    Well i hope you get one and cheaply too!!!…463

    just put in a random date in May.
    you need book ahead to get best prices,sometimes there will be £19 ones.

    look up hostels. me and 2 mates stayed in 1 last year, was basicly a hotel room. keys to door etc. was only £20 pp per night. cant remember the name of it, will look for you though. was on the sea front near the sea life centre

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    Thanks...any further information would be great.


    pitch a tent dude... the hobo way...

    Come stay at mine :-D
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