Looking for Cheap Contract

can someone help me find a cheap contract (under £10 a month with no redemption) with a free phone
contract length doesn't matter. Preferably with a big network.
Handset doesn't matter. Any number of mins and texts will do.

Mum told me to find a phone for my bro. My dad never let me go on contract and its gonna cost a lot for my first one to get a decent phone. I just want small contract for my bro, so he can upgrade to a better one when he's a bit older.


buy a cheap phone instead, you'll save tons of money.
Then get a giffgaff sim card to go with it - all the benefits of contract without being tied to a contract

as above buy a cheap phone on payg lots on hotuk advertised for under £20 with a top up, then pay months sim cards, loads of options for £10.

I know you said you dont want redemptions but if you look at some mobile phone websites they have automatic cashback which means you have to do nothing.

what contract lengths are you after?

You can use a site called omio to find all the contract deals on the net.

But as above posters have stated, I would get a cheap phone separately, and the couple it with either a GiffGaff sim, or a sim only monthly contract if thats more convenient.

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okay cool, thanks for your help
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