looking for cheap cruise for next year

looking for the best website for good prices on cruises ! any advise on picking which cruise to choose ! am middle forties and like something with a bit of life ,dont want to be stuck with older people just yet!!no disrespect to elderly will be one of them sooner rather than later !!!;-)


Avoid Fred Olsen it's like a floating old peoples home. Good cruises but mainly cater for retired people.

Ocean Village is really good, not as formal as the other P&O operated ships. It is aimed at younger cruisers in their 30s & 40s. P&O's other ships are more formal and tend to have at least one formal evening a week.

Island Cruises are similar to Ocean Village less formal.

[url]www.thecruisestore.co.uk[/url] are pretty good they deal with all the main cruise companies (my friend works for them and is currently one of their top agents)

[url]www.cumbriacruise.co.uk[/url] and [url]www.scotlandscruisecentre.co.uk[/url]

All 3 deal with all the cruise companies and prices will vary from company to company. The discounts will vary from company to company, what they offer depends on a number of factors including whether they have an allocation of cabins that they have pre bought on the cruise you want or if they are booking from general availability.

My friend just booked my aunt's cruise at a better price than she had been offered through another company. The quote she had been given was hardly discounted at all so my friend was able to offer a better price.

Any idea on where you would like to go on your cruise? Are you after a cruise round the Mediterranean or the Caribbean?

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would like to go to the caribbean but dont know i fancy being that far away !problem being leaving 4 teenage daughters behind to fend for themselves.LOL might come back to no house left!!!thanx for ur help so far !!! any more info greatly invited.

Ocean Village and Island Cruises do the Mediterranean in the summer and the Caribbean in the winter. They have different itineraries depending on when you go, check out the websites for both companies or pick up brochures from your local travel agent and see which ones you like the look of. Then see what the best price you can get from the cruise agents is.

If I can help futher please let me know
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