Looking for cheap Desktop package inc tft

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Found 19th Aug 2006
Since my laptop died I'm after a desktop now.

Basically ideal spec would be at least 80gb hard drive, 1gb Ram, 17" tft, wireless card (ideally but I can always get aUSB one) and DVD-RW drive.

That's about it I guess, anyone know of anything good floating about?

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do you plan to game on it?
what your budget?

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Ideally no more than £500. Not interested in gaming, just MS Office and Photoshop really. Seen a fairly ok one at PC World/Currys for about £400 inc. but I'm sure there must be better.

Hello mate,

Have you had a look on this site? There are some great deals to be had. But remember you must add an operating system on top of the price and obviously your monitor but just check out these forums and you can get a 19" delivered for less than £130.

I have linked you to some very smart PC's that would not look out of place beside your tv. And if you check down the page you will see some dual core systems with 2gb of ram for less than £300!!! Bargain mate, then add your os for about £70 and a 19" monitor for £130 and you hit your £500 budget with a stunning little machine.

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