looking for cheap freezer

    hi all. I need some help finding a really cheap small freezer. chest, table top or any really just as long as it's smallish and cheap.. cheapest I've found so far is £85 from curry's. thanks..


    do you need new? if your happy with second hand you could get some good deals on Gumtree

    If it doesn't have to be new, ebay have some starting at £15.00 ( might have to check where they are as I guess it may be collection only), might not fit through your letterbox!…zer
    They also have new ones.…686?hash=item2825a9a136:g:C68AAOSwA3dYM1lD £70.00…068?hash=item3f7100bb8c:g:hNoAAOSw44BYSWQY £78.00 (also available in black)
    But again it's collection only so not sure if they are near to you.
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    Have you got any shops around you that deal with shop returns and slightly dented kitchen appliances

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    thanks everyone
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