Looking for cheap & good 17" monitor

    Hi all,

    I am looking for a good deal to buy a 17" monitor to connect my laptop to.
    Need nothing fancy, only needs VGA interface. Are there any deals around for £50.




    but thats 73

    for £50 your more talking ebay prices

    jubbyme;7972970 thats 73[COLOR=Orange]for £50 … thats 73[COLOR=Orange]for £50 your more talking ebay prices[/COLOR]

    You'd be lucky! Ive seen them used fetch as much/more than you can get new for by shopping around:thumbsup:

    The only ones I have seen cheap are really old LCD monitors but the colours on those are atrocious!

    Original Poster

    Thanks that sounds not so bad, just never heard of this brand. Will consider it


    I agree, some older lcd monitors are terrible, stupid viewing angles, bad backlighting, and terrible colours!

    much rather buy a new one

    yes the brand i posted was just the cheapest, i have not heard of it either, but 3 years warranty aint bad

    Moved to Deal Requests, thanks for reporting

    I have a monitor for sale at £60 if you can collect? 20" Philips, with VGA and DVI. Or £70 and ill get it delivered

    Original Poster


    Could you tell me which model this is? Cheers

    AOC have been around for years, there used to be AOC-branded CRTs.
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