Looking for cheap holiday to Disney world

Found 2nd Sep 2012
Me and the missus have decided we would like to take toddler to Disney World, Orlando however our budget for trip is £2k including car hire. Do you think this is realistic or should we give up the dream from now? We are flexible on dates for 2013 and ideally would like to go for 10-14days.
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Easily do that and have plenty left over out of 2k
You could get there and have car hire yep, but eating, traveling, shopping, visiting places might be a problem!

With that budget (if you wanted to) why not do Disneyland Paris? You'd get the trip with Disney hotel for under £1k then you get £1k spends!
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Go for two weeks and for that amount £2K you will be fine.

If you need any info, guidance or help just as I have a villa in Florida and worked in Florida for Disney for a year out in 2001 and have been to Florida for the last 30 years so hopefully have a lot of useful info and contacts if you need them.

We have a great guy we use called Cesar for all tickets in Florida.

Look at going March or September as its quiet then and cheaper flights, car etc.

Look to pay about:-
£140 for a mid size car
£430 x 2 for flights with Virgin (toddler will be free)
Villa £300 per week or hotel would be a lot cheaper
Tickets allow about £230 for you and the wife - toddler will be free if under 3
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